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What is this?

Amphibia: Calamity Beatdown is a fan made side-scrolling platformer/beat 'em up based on the popular cartoon. Sort of like the pixel styled Themesong Takeover video. Grab up to 3 friends, choose your favorite amphibian or calamity girl, and take on the wilds of Amphibia!

Use quick thinking and sick combos to defeat giant bugs, toad soldiers, frog shaped robots, and whatever else stands in your way. Stop by the local frog village to chat with the locals, spend your hard earned coppers to upgrade your stats/moveset, and practice your skills with the help of one surprisingly sturdy mantis. With 9 levels and 6 playable characters planned, there's plenty to do and see!

The Demo:

The game is still in production, but a demo is available to play right now! In the demo you can play as Anne or the sibling duo Sprig and Polly. Visit Wartwood, fight your way through 2 (well, one and a half) levels, and face off against the dangerous watersnake. Try it out solo or multiplayer!


With the use of third party tools such as Parsec, you can play online with friends. Other game streaming services would probably work too, but Parsec is free and has been successfully tested with Calamity Beatdown.
You can download the app here:
Parsec Download
There's also an easy tutorial for setting up and joining groups here:

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this project a reality! There's a few too many to list here, so please check out the full credits in game.

Published 19 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withBlender, Paint.net, Godot, Aseprite
Tags3D, Arcade, Beat 'em up, Fangame, Frogs, Low-poly, Multiplayer, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Joy-Con
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Calamity_Beatdown_Demo.exe 150 MB
Amphibia- Calamity Beatdown.app 71 MB

Install instructions

*Note to any Mac users*

I've been having a few issues with that version. If your device refuses to run it due to it not being notarized, try using this guide to get the game going. If the game is especially laggy or down right broken, let me know in the comments or @krizby425 on twitter and I'll look more into it!


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Do you have any predictions if it will be available for Android or iOS phones I love the amphibia series and I really want to play your game

There’s no plans at the moment to make a mobile version, sorry.

really like the art and combos, Tho I have found it to be hard to know when you are on the same layer as an enemy to attack it Would love to see an improvement on that, also I found boss attacks to be quite unreadable but it might just be me.

When its coming the full Game?

I am an ardent fan of the series "Amphibia" and I really liked this game! In total, I played it non-stop for almost 4 hours! I'm looking forward to new updates! Thanks to the developers! :з
Я ярый поклонник сериала "Амфибия", и мне очень понравилась эта игра! В общей сложности я играл в нее без остановки почти 4 часа! Я с нетерпением жду новых обновлений! Спасибо разработчикам! :з

On Linux (Debian 11) when I try to open the game it shows a window with the Godot logo and then closes

I'm trying to download this game from the itch app but it won't download. When I checked the why it said that an error occurred during installation No manager for installer unknown. The computer I'm using is a macbook air

can you make it so we can change controls i dont think i can play with the current keyboard controls

amazing job! Favourite show love to see a great game for it. Keep up the great Work

i wish had android platform

(3 edits)

I'm the only one who discovered a little bug in the first nvl/world well anyway in the mountain with coins in form of arch (idk how to especificate more than this) when you jump,you can't go to the other side cuz the mountain is far to across it  (I don't know if I wrote this correctly and I had to think a lot for it) i hope they fix it 

Actually you can make it across that gap! You have to run (by double tapping the pad/WSAD) and jump to make it to the other side.

(1 edit)

what about my issue

You have to run jump. On controler this means pressimg the stick to the left or right twice

It keeps crashing T_T Really want to play it

When I tried to download It says Not enough space on Device

(1 edit)

oh well

This is a wonderful project and I had so much fun playing it! Your love of the source material and of fighting games really shines through. I'm not a big combo person so when I say I had a blast with your combat system, please take it as high praise. I'm super excited to see how this project develops!

on my windows gateway 11 it says it isn't commonly downloaded and make sure your trust... can someone help me with this

Did you try telling your PC to run the file anyway? Windows (and other operating systems) often find the file suspicious since it's an exe you downloaded off the internet. SS1-Gaming posted a quick tutorial video for an issue similar to yours further down in the comments.

I looked everywhere and I can't find something that says run anyway

que buen juego amigo


BEST GAMEcan you make a android version?i would really love my sister to play with me! also this is 1,000,000 X better than the OG game GREAT JOB!!

(1 edit)

it keeps crashing for me T_T


mine just says windows protected your pc

you might have to click “more info” and “run anyway” to get windows to run it. SS1-gaming posted a video below showing how to get around that popup. 

i suggest checking my video because I had that problem and it’s quick and easy to fix :)

when i download the game and try to play it a error that says the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018) shows up is there anything i can do about that

I don't recognize that issue off the top of my head. What version did you download?

sorry for the late reply but i downloaded the newest version 

I'm having trouble connecting a nintendo switch pro controller, when i do the game just goes crazy, can anyone help me?
im trying to connect it using usb to a laptop


Godot does support switch controllers in theory. What does the game do when you try to play with it?

basically it just zooms in between menu screen, map screen, and character selection screen really fast, and i cant move or touch anything unless i disconnect it

will it work with a Xbox 360 controller?

Love this game, and I was close to buying all upgrades.


You made a better Amphibia game than Disney 10/10


source code when?

Once the game gets a little further along, I might make the source code public. But be warned, my code is atrocious! I'm literally learning as I go.

Can u make it compatible with MacBook Air?

I was hoping it already would be. I'm not super familiar with apple computers to be honest. Never owned one, so making the game for them is difficult since I can't really test things. Did you try looking through the guide under the downloads to see if that could help you get it running?

it said its not supported by MacBook Air when I tried to open it and yes I looked through the guide


here is a tutorial for windows that i made (my microphone is a bit laggy) 

Were Marcy and Sasha unlockable in the demo?

They're not quite finished yet, so the demo only has Anne and the Plantars.

is there any way I could save my game progress? I have to play at the start every time I open it again

says not compatible with this Mac, i have a macbook pro 13

If you love amphibia and video games then this is totally for you, even though this is a demo i'll let you know that i've replayed it three times! Oh and if you want to make this demo more challenging then i'd suggest you turn on the hard difficulty, set lives to one, and of course no M-UPS(my short term for "Maggie Upgrades"


i cant play

I'm having trouble downloading it on windows. If anyone can make a tutorial video or something that would be helpful. 

You should be able to click that first download link and get the .exe file for the game. Launch that file, and if your operating system brings up a warning saying it prevented the game from running (which is pretty common), try clicking "More Info" and/or "Run Anyway".
Windows and other OS's get a little suspicious of the file since it has no publisher, but I promise it's safe!

i made a tutorial to help :)


i made a video about it and i suck


Which windows should be work and laucher the demo game?

this game is super fun! its still a bit buggy but i can see where ya guys are going with it. ill be watching you guys. i think yall have tremendous potiental. great job devs


Made a video

Windows defender complains,agree?

Will you make the controls customizable? It'd be nice to outfit a control scheme to my own style.

Any chance of one day being able to play in mobile phones? (iPhone)

Probably not, sorry. I don’t know the first thing about developing for phones.

I wish it was on mobile to

¡Muy bueno! :D De verdad que este juego tiene muchísimo potencial. Awesome game! Congratulation! ;D This game really has a lot of potential, my full support to the developers so they can finish this great game

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